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    Tarnowo Podgórne is known as a leader among rural communities mainly because of the amount of money invested in the community. Creating unique by the Polish standards conditions for the development for entrepreneurship it became one of the most attractive locations for investments. The number of individuals running business as well as enterprises wiling to invest money here has increased considerably since the beginning of the 1990’s.Thanks to all this you can find here such well-known companies as – MAN, CHEMTECH, STRAUSS (formerly ELITE CAFÉ), VOLVO, GRUNDFOS, BUDERUS, STIHL, HAMMER, HANSGROHE, SCHATTDECOR, LEWACO, KRAFT FOODS, LIDL, ZEELANDIA, IMPERIAL TABACCO, SCHENKER, REMMERS, HERLITZ, INSTAL COMPAKT, STRIMA, DEMOCO, KAYSER.

    In the last decade many Polish firms were set up. They are well-known in Poland and may be an example to follow as regards their efficiency : DOM HANDLOWY HENRYKI I PAWŁA KORBANKÓW, BALMA, JAKON, ALTER, MILANO, PBG, MARKHEN, MATBET, GLUTENEX, HEBO, NOWA FRAMCE, DROGBET, VECTOR, TES GROUP, JASS, SALKO.

    The location and inflow of modern investments from the beginning of the 1990’s fostered the process of growth and transformed the community which used to be of rural character into the community of well-developed industry, services and trade.

    The higher and higher living standards of its inhabitants are due to the fact of constant dynamic growth of enterprises situated in the area. It provides also a steady growth of the community’s incomes. In the last fifteen years the community’s budget revenues per one inhabitant increased by over fifteen times.

    Economic results achieved by the firms operating in the community of Tarnowo Podgórne reflect the scale of changes which have taken place in recent years and prove that the most valuable asset of Tarnowo Podgórne is the people who live and work here.